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If you love the English language—either as a new learner or a longtime speaker—you’ll love the Roots2Words Word of the Day.

This free newsletter delivers exactly what you’d think: one interesting and useful English word a day based on and broken down by Latin or Greek bases, prefixes, and suffixes. Each word is supplemented with related words and contextual quotes to facilitate learning.

As a departure, our Wednesday Wildcards are fascinating and important words that are not derived from classical roots.

Why roots? The English language is built on Latin and Greek foundations. In fact, it's estimated that more than 60% of all English words are formed from classic roots. That percentage increases to as much as 90% when we look at specialized fields like medicine, science, technology, law, and economics.

Roots2Words helps crack the code to the entire English lexicon. Knowing one root can help you derive the meaning of ten or more unfamiliar words. Once you start sequencing multiple bases, prefixes, and suffixes, your vocabulary increases exponentially!

Roots2Words is based on insights into learning and language development acquired over decades in education. Whether you are preparing for a high stakes test, learning English as a foreign language, or just seeking to unlock higher levels of eloquence, our Word of the Day is just the first step in a larger program of roots-based mastery of the English language!

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