Is your teen being held back by a weak vocabulary? Are you?

Enjoy the benefits of learning Latin without studying a dead language! The revolutionary Roots2Words vocabulary program seamlessly combines the classical roots of the English language with modern technology to supercharge learning:

Using the Roots2Words program, you can learn thousands of words that matter in as little as seven weeks. This program is ideal for word lovers as well as anyone preparing for standardized tests like the SAT, ACT and GRE.

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How Does Roots2Words Work?

Root Lessons

Our program is built on a sophisticated sequence of e-mails featuring important roots with their most essential words, variations, and connections.

Weekly Quizzes

Tests reinforce learning, so you can expect fun little multiple-choice quizzes featuring the most important words, including key vocabulary from tests like the SAT, ACT, and GRE.

Words in Context

Our premium programs also include words from root lessons in specially curated or created works. Reading in context builds better memorization and understanding.
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Why Latin and Greek roots?

Not even the experts can say how many words make up the English language, but Merriam-Webster offers a conservative estimate of about one million words. That's a lot of flashcards!

The good news is that more than 60% of all English words are built on Latin and Greek roots. In specialized fields like medicine, science, technology, law, and economics, that percentage increases to as much as 90%!

Build a better vocabulary on the ancient, enduring roots of the English language. Knowing how to apply Latin and Greek roots to decode the meanings of unfamiliar words is the most powerful possible shortcut to a wider vocabulary. Start sequencing multiple roots, prefixes, and suffixes, and your vocabulary increases exponentially.

Why daily e-mails?

Brief daily lessons over time are the surest route to quickly and efficiently developing the kind of robust, organic vocabulary that leads to academic and professional success. Why does e-mail make so much sense for vocabulary development? Consider the alternatives...

  • Naturally reading your way to a better vocabulary takes years.
  • Subscribing to a "Word of the Day" program offers, at best, 365 unrelated words a year.
  • Memorizing flashcards is not only tedious but often fails to instill real understanding.

E-mail provides a perfect, non-intrusive way to deliver short, targeted, daily vocabulary lessons that have a powerful impact over time! Roots2Words works whether you read your messages on a computer, tablet, or even your phone.

Will this program help with standardized tests?

Everybody knows (or painfully remembers) that the SAT tests vocabulary. Even the ACT, which lacks Sentence Completions, tests a certain level and type of vocabulary. Both college admissions exams include an essay section that is scored in part on a student's working vocabulary. Greater fluency definitely makes a difference on SAT and ACT scores.

A deficient vocabulary will also hold you back on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or any other exam that includes passage-based reading and/or a written essay.

The Roots2Words program is presented by the test prep authority Chariot Learning, based on decades of experience helping learners master the words that matter both on standardized exams and in real life.

Is Roots2Words really free?

Absolutely! The Roots2Words Essentials program is 100% free. This daily program delivers at least one word root and many root words, related words, variations, and connections every single week. We also include fun quizzes and wild card roots and words. All free.

We also offer some amazing premium Roots2Words programs for test preparation or anyone seeking to supercharge their mastery of the English language more quickly and easily. Our premium programs offer the following advantages:

  • One to three e-mails a day delivering anywhere from one to thirty essential words
  • Weekly quizzes and engaging, often educational context
  • Thousands of words that matter in as little as seven weeks
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Premium Programs

Hundreds of students have used our more advanced programs to prepare for the SAT, ACT, and GRE. Which program is right for you?


Roots2Words: Personalities and Perspective Words
High school students have no time for boring, pointless lessons. That’s why the Roots2Words: Personalities and Perspective Words program unlocks the English language while teaching students how to understand themselves and others through the lens of Myers-Briggs personality types! In just one e-mail a day over 17 weeks, you meet all the personality types while learning critical words and roots.


Roots2Words: Fables for Cynics
For adults and teens with less than two months to prepare for tests like the SAT and GRE, we recommend Roots2Words: Fables for Cynics to learn the words that will elevate your performance on the big test or in the boardroom. Three e-mails a day deliver Root Lessons, a Weekly Quiz, and curated excerpts from Ambrose Bierce’s cynical classic, Fabulous Fables, short, snarky selections that reinforce learning.

Memorizing words one at a time without context just doesn't work. Roots2Words teaches words root by root: remember the root, and you'll remember all the words related to that root.

Nobody studies the dictionary page by page, but everyone reads e-mail!

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